Condominium and Homeowners Association Property Insurance Claims

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Representing condominiums and homeowners associations in their insurance claims requires knowledge not only of insurance law but the application of the applicable Florida and Tennessee Statutes and the association's declaration of condominium or covenants. Our firm is very experienced in representing community associations in their insurance claims and routinely does so. We understand that the unique nature of community living requires the utmost attention to these types of claims so that the burden to the residents of the community is minimized. We also regularly attend meetings of the association so that the residents of the community are kept informed as to the status of the insurance claim thereby easing some of the strain on the board of directors.

Business Insurance (Including Property, D&O and E&O) Claims

Business insurance claims require an understanding of how businesses work as well as the laws governing the coverages that business insurance policies provide.

In the context of D&O and E&O claims, having a claim denied by an insurance company can be financially devastating in that the policyholder has to bear the burden of providing, at the policyholder’s own cost, a defense to the claim giving rise to the D&O or E&O claim as well as any damages that are awarded for the underlying claim. Westerman Law, PLLC has experience in pursuing these insurance claims so that our clients recover the out of pocket expenses they incurred as a result of the insurance company wrongfully denying their claim.

Business property insurance claims must be handled in as expeditious manner as possible in order to allow the business to resume its normal operations. The claims process can be grueling with the insurance company making burdensome requests on a business. We are here to minimize the burden on the business we represent by providing the assistance a business needs to respond to the insurance company’s demands. We are committed to helping you get back to business.

Disability Insurance Claims

Westerman Law, PLLC is committed to representing our disability insurance clients in a compassionate manner. We understand that the filing of a disability insurance claim is the result of a major life changing event that can have catastrophic consequences to a person, their finances and family. Westerman Law, PLLC will pursue your claim in an expeditious and aggressive manner so that you can focus on your health.

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